Updated 3/31/1999
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435's Animal House

Welcome to the Latest in a series of 147.435 Official web sites. This one I hope will have a something a little different for you. I also hope this will help you understand the sounds emanating from this box on Saddle Peak. Listen to our Live 147.435 Audio

It appears that many of you closet listeners miss our Real Audio feed. I have received no less then 25 E-mail messages in the last 48 hours telling me the the feed is down. NO SHIT? Rumor has it that WH6CSG had to "move in a hurry". Something about a psycho woman living at his house. His new place is rumored to be in Redondo Beach and should (will soon) allow for exception reception.

Any Comments regarding this Web site can be EMailed to KD6GDB@435.org

  • Any Comments regarding the 435 Real Audio feed can be EMailed to WH6CSG@435.org
  147.435 Home on Saddlepeak
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